RESPILON helps people to live better
and healthier lives since 2013.

Respilon - Life's worth it Respilon - Life's worth it

„Your sponsorship has helped to improve the quality of health care“

Dear friends,allow me to express my gratitude for your patronage regardingthe charitable fund DěTI NA DLANI (Children in the Palm).Your sponsorship has helped...

Chairman of the fund's administrative board
Ing. Du?an Fibingr, Ph.D.

„When using ReSpimask my son was less ill“

We started our cooperation at the time my son was undergoing cancer treatment. The ReSpimask? face masks helped both my son and me during the course of his...

Nada?ní fond ?ance onkolá?k?m

Lenka Klasnová

„They wear it not only in the hospital“

Our patients are using RESPILON Antismog Scarf instead of an ordinary face mask from 2017. According to their experience, it is well tolerated, works fine and...

Lukas Homola, MD
Cystic Fibrosis Centre University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic

„Masks provide real protection against viruses and bacteria“

RESPILON? products are a great help to patients suffering from cysticfibrosis. Members of our association evaluate the nanofiber face masksvery positively...


„ R-shield scarf with unique nanofibers is a stylish protective shield“

We have plenty of facemasks on the market, the usual surgical masks are supposed to protect others. Respirators are made to protect the one who wears...

Mgr. Martina Obrtelová
Manager of pharmacies

„R-Shield stays on my neck until I want face cover“

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first Respilon R-Shield in China and love it. It's stylish, sleek and super functional. After spending 5x as much on...

Jorah Kai aka Danish
Root Sellers

„R-shield made me feel absolutely cool“

R-shield made me feel absolutely bad ass. As soon as I put it on and started breathing I could tell a difference and when I took it off the gym air smelt so...

Morgan McKain aka mckains
CF gains

Respilon® Annual Report CSR activities

An overview of our CSR activities can be found on the following?pages of the annual reports.

We firmly believe that all the events fulfilled their purpose, expanded awareness?of the principles of health care, and helped people who needed it. Because – as?the motto of RESPILON? says – "Life is worth it!"

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