New generation of RESPILON AIR? window membrane

RESPILON? developed a new generation of the nanofiber window membrane protecting you and your home from pollution, smog and allergens. Now RESPILON? enters the global market with this unique solution which will provide you with a continuous and reliable source of clean air.

Why is air quality becoming an increasingly discussed topic? World Health Organization has classified fine dust as a class 1 carcinogen. This danger – in the form of dust and smog – endangers human health even indoors. Most people spend 90 % of their time indoors where they should breathe clean air. RESPILON AIR? helps them to live healthier in their homes and offices.

Nanofiber window membrane captures smog, diesel fumes, pollen, dust and bacteria. How? It creates a mechanical barrier which prevents the penetration of dangerous particles without using any dangerous chemical substances.

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