Respilon® Protective Facemask ReSpimask

Protect yourself from the dangerous particles in the air around us with the RESPILON? Protective Facemask.

We have the only facemask in the world to use the latest nanofiber technology with a three-layer membrane that captures particles of all shapes and sizes from air pollution, allergens and infectious diseases.

Enjoy 99.9% protection from the things that can hurt you by using our unique? ReSpimask!


Respilon® Protective Half masks RespiPro

To meet the needs of the most demanding professions, we have developed a new level of protection called the RESPILON? Professional Half Mask - RespiPro FFP1) and Filtration Half Mask (FFP2).?

The core of the RESPILON? Professional and Filtration Half Masks consists of the latest technology by using four layers of protection including a nanofiber membrane RespiPro is resistant against liquids (blood, non-corrosive chemicals and paraffin oil).?RespiPro Carbon mask is unique by an anti-odour layer. Both masks are providing great comfort and breathability. The nanofiber membrane mechanically captures?99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Respilon® Respiratory Shield R-shield

The RESPILON? Respiratory Shield was designed to protect people in polluted cities around the world.

Our shield protects?against 99.9% of smog, emissions, viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, dust and other dangerous particles.

This is made possible by using the latest generation in nanofiber with cutting-edge technology?in filtration and breathability.

Respilon® Adjustable Screen

The RESPILON? Adjustable Screen utilizes the latest technology with its unique nanofiber membrane that protects homes, offices, businesses, hotels and hospitals. It is not only about the protection, but also about comfort.

As an example: When you use the RESPILON? Adjustable Screen, you won't need to close the window when it rains. It protects against rain, ash, dust, smog, allergens and ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the outside environment and keeps the cold out and the heat in during the winter season.


The 5th generation of window membrane came to the market at the beginning of August 2019. Nanofibers in the membrane protect your home from harmful particles from the outside air. Perfect for families with children, elderly people, and anybody with respiratory problems or allergies.