Respilon VK


VK product series
Unique self-sterilizing respirators

The future of respirators is here!

Choose a unique protection, that not only catches viruses, but also deactivates them. The VK series respirators are able to combine advantages of the membrane and patented technology of accelerated copper oxide. The outcome is revolutionary self-sterilizing respirators with a typical copper colour. They reliably protect you and your surroundings without the need to take care of them in any way.

Dop?ejte své imunitě neustále aktuální firewall. Dop?ejte jí respirátory ?ady VK.

Give your immunity an additional firewall. Give it the VK series respirators.


Deactivates viruses Reusable
Accelerated copper oxide Maintenance free
Nanofiber filter Extremely light
and comfortable
Certificated Protects in both direction



How does VK series work?

VK respirators work on a double barrier principle. A nanofiber membrane works as a reliable protective filter. It cannot be visible by the human eye, but it catches up to 99,9 % viruses, as confirmed by test results of the US laboratory Nelson Labs. Layers with accelerated copper oxide both from inner and outer side of respirator will take care of the deactivation of caught viruses.



You protect your surroundings and yourself

To catch and to deactivate. What is caught by the nanofiber membrane in both directions, is being deactivated by accelerated copper oxide. The VK series respirators contains a layer with accelerated copper oxide both from inner and outer side and so they provide excellent protection in both directions. They deactivate viruses coming from external environment or from user himself if he is infected. Only if you are safe, you will not endanger others.


Thanks to unique technology, the VK respirators are self-sterilizing. They are more than practical. You can put them off and on normally, over and over again.

They do not require any maintenance. You only need to follow principles of wearing as described in a manual.

Assuming you use the respirator for 5-6 hours a day, it will last up to one week. In other words, 30 hours cumulatively. It is important that the respirator fits on your face perfectly and is without any sign of wear.

?ekli jste nám


?Well breathable even when walking fast, light, does not stick to the face when I breath in." (Patient with cystic fibrosis)

?I consider the eliminating the virus with an active copper to be the main benefit, it increases safety during the actual use and handling of the respirator.“ (PharmDr. P.K., pharmacist)

?I had the respirator at work for 10 hours non-stop. I could breathe very well in it.“ (M. Sc. P. T., physiotherapist)

?This respirator will finally allow people to forget, that they have it on ther noses.“ (M. Sc. P. B.)

VK RespiPro

VK RespiPro is a certified respirator according to the EU standard RFU 02.075 ver. 2. As required by the recommendations of the World Health Organization for this specific purpose, the nominal filtration coefficient of this respirator is the same as the nominal filtration coefficient FFP2 stated in EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.

nanofiber membrane

capture of 99,7 – 99,9 % of viruses.

FFP2 filtration effect.

VK RespiPro is certified according to the EU standard RFU 02.075 ver. 2.
Accelerated copper oxide for virus deactivation

M and L size

Extremely low weight only 3,2 g (M size) and 3,7 g (L size)

Made in the Czech Republic (city of Brno)

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